Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Confusion Surrounds LPI Future

Again claims are being made that the breakaway league, the Liga Primer Indonesia, will not continue after the mid season break. Again though the claim is being made by PSM which doesn't seem to stop them being linked with Edward Wilson Junior and Pierre Njanka.

Yesterday, on Twitter so it must be true (!), one of the foreign players asked the LPI spokesman who regularly tweets and exhorts people to change the game what was happening with LPI, PSSI and FIFA. The response? Ask one of your team mates with a 'ha ha ha' thrown in for good measure.

The fact that said team mate didn't speak much English and that said foreigner was no longer in country didn't seem to matter. Also the flack that the PSSI, and now FIFA, have come under attack for their opaqueness and their overbearing attitude didn't seem to come into the equation.

Now obviously there may have been a subsequent private correspondence between the two but the initial response to a sensible question does beggar belief especially considering the whole spiel that comes out of the LPI about emulating the best western leagues.

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