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The words below come from the Guardian and apply to FIFA. They also apply to Indonesia.

Undermined by whistleblowers within and dogged by corruption claims, can football's world body really go ahead with a presidential election when it is so badly in need of reform?

Just discovered this blog and it is fantastic. Could I know what your opinion is on the issues behind PSSI and FIFA? Was FIFA correct to ban George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro from standing as President?
welocme on board

i've written extensively on the issues at the PSSI, this is the most recent which may be of interest.

initially there were 4 candidates in the running to lead PSI, incumbent Nurdin Halid, Nirwan bakrie, prominent behind the scenes, as well as George and Arifin.

A PSSI validation committee barred George and Arifin leaving just Nurdin and Nirwan.

Later the verification committee quit mumbling about external pressures and influences to make that decicion.

Funnily enough FIFA accepts that decision even though it was later revealed to have been made under duress. Says much about the way the game has been run doesn't it?
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