Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Widening The Singapore Cup Appeal

Here's a thought. (Yep, I do have them once in a while.)

Given that four foreign teams enter the Singapore Cup every year why don't the organisers start to think that little bit bigger and start looking further afield for entrants?

The 2010 Cup featured Bangkok Glass, who won the Cup, South Melbourne, Phnom Penh Crown and Kitchee from Hong Kong.

Ok, not bad and a good run out for all concerned. But why not start looking further afield to teams who could add a few hundred to the gate. Right on their doorstep are Persib, Arema or Persija for example. Or PSMS and Persebaya?

North of the Causeway Harimau Muda, Kelantan or Johor?

Why stop there? Chinese teams have proved unattractive opponents over the years but what about teams from India, South Korea or Japan, tapping into the large expat numbers from those countries.

Or what would be the coup de grace and would surely add serious numbers to the gate. Reserve or youth teams from major European leagues? Imagine what a temporary shot in the arm having Manchester United Under 21 team take part in the Singapore Cup would be? Cash in on those buggers who fill the MRT and shopping malls in their awful replica shirts, why not have them part with some of their cash to benefit the local game?

You can be sure blue chip companies would salivate at the opportunity to have their name associated with big name European clubs.

OK, so the Singapore Cup Final is normally held in November...but it doesn't have to be, does it? Not if some real big names can come over in June?

If by 'expats' you mean foreign labourers, they really can't afford the $6 ticket prices. That's why you don't see them in great numbers viz Bangkok Glass etc...
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