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More Cash For SLeague Teams

Singapore, 4 April 2011: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is pleased to announce that the 12 S.League clubs participating in the 2011 Great Eastern-YEO’s S.League will be receiving additional funding support over the next five seasons.

Each local S.League club received cash and KPI-based subsidies of up to $549,000 last year. As a result of the increase in funding, clubs could potentially receive 40 per cent more in cash subsidies and up to 100 per cent increment in KPIs-based subsidies.

FAS President Zainudin Nordin said: “The increase in funding is to assist clubs to strengthen their financial position, raise the clubs' management capabilities, attract more quality players, intensify their community engagement and enhance clubs' youth development programmes.

“Ultimately, the additional funding should lead to more competitive teams in the league and better match day experience and entertainment value for our fans. This will in turn increase the number of supporters turning up at the stadiums. Fans are the heartbeat of Singapore football. Their support is critical and remains a vital component in the development, progress and success of Singapore football.”

The additional funding comprises of cash subsidies and the following KPIs-based subsidies.

Young Foreign Player subsidies

The objective is to help clubs secure better quality footballers, aged between 18 and 21, who could also be identified and shortlisted under our Foreign Talent Scheme. This will benefit the club's performance on the pitch and also help to widen the pool of available talent for the national team. Clubs can receive up to $55,000 each for two young foreign players who must fufill the requirements set by FAS. These players must display good technical and tactical abilities and must be approved by our Technical Committee.

Management Staff subsidies

This will strengthen the clubs' management capacities and assist the club to attract and retain more quality personnel in administrative, finance, marketing and media-related fields. There will also be more upgrading management and technical courses for club staff.

Marketing and community subsidies

These subsidies will help intensify their marketing and outreach efforts to bring in more sponsors and reach out to new supporters.

Revenue subsidies

The revenue subsidies seek to incentivise clubs to expand their revenue streams and in turn reinvest it back into the clubs.

Insurance and facilities-related subsidies

These subsidies will assist clubs in partially offsetting their operational costs.

Mr Zainudin said: “We believe that this holistic and integrated approach in funding will help them enhance every key area that is crucial to their progress and development.”

The club chairmen were informed of the details pertaining to the additional funding by Mr Zainudin at a briefing session which was held on 4 April at Jalan Besar Stadium.

Mr S. Thavaneson, vice-chairman of Balestier Khalsa FC, welcomed the announcement.

“We appreciate the relentless efforts of the FAS President and his management team in securing the additional funding for the clubs, which is crucial in strengthening our financial position and assisting us to reach the next phase of our growth and development. The onus is now on us to utilise this additional financial support to bring our club to the next level and deliver the KPIs, including an enhanced football experience for our fans,” he said.

COMMENT - intensify their marketing activities? Intensify? How can you intensify what doesn't exist?

Young Lions as a club and Hougang United as fans are showing what is possible, though both are just starting out, they need to be held up as positive role models for other clubs. But, be honest now, if there were no club houses, how many teams would be in the SLeague?

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