Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Persib Fans Ask For Greater Control

Bobotoh, fans of Persib Bandung, have asked club officials to be stricter at the turnstiles after they claimed up to 35% of spectators were entering the stadium without buying tickets. Rather, they would slip the turnstile operator a small sum of money and he would let them in.

This is no surprise of course. Even during the AFC Asian Cup which Indonesia co-hosted back in 2007 when security was supposed to be at its most stringent and advance ticket sales archaic, spectators were still able to enter the stadium without having bought tickets.

The Persib fans have also asked that officials don't open the gates at half time as this allows people to enter the stadium for free!

Both practises used to be common in England. My older brother used to nip into Watford at half time without paying while I know of people who have nipped into English grounds by 'taking care' of the man at the gate.

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