Friday, April 22, 2011


The Newin Chidchob Football Pyramid

With Buriram PEA all set to win the Thai Premier League after PEA were parachuted into the small north eastern town ahead of last season, how fare the town's original team, called rather plainly Buriram? Well, it must be a family tradition but having been promoted to Division One last year they lead the table and remain unbeaten after nine games.

While a Buriram double would no doubt be welcomed by the province's first family and assorted hangers' on it would not be good for Thai football as other regional heavyweights would decide they wanna be involved and we could see the game become just another venue for their pissing contests.

Trouble is...what are they doing wrong and how to prove there is wrong doing. Just 'cos football tables stink doesn't mean there is anything underhand going on. Maybe it's just me. maybe after 20 years in the region I should tone down my cynicism in the political elites and start to believe they are capable of doing good deeds for their communities expecting nothing in return.

Next week I reveal how the tooth fairy married Elvis at a big wedding in the lost city of Atlantis...

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