Thursday, March 24, 2011


LPI Sponsors

The Liga Primer Indonesia wikipedia page, yeah, I know, not the most reliable of sources, is claiming that Indonesia's rebel league the Liga Primer Indonesia has secured a sponsorship deal with a budget airline.

I also heard the same story from a media source, not Indonesian based.

Now the airline in question are pretty good at promoting themselves and do have a high profile in sports including sponsoring English Premier League refs through part of their operation.

But their website has no mention of this tie up with the LPI and a cursory search through Google also turns up nothing.

Indeed the local part of this airline have been culling domestic flights, now only serving three destinations while many of the international flights are run by the main Malaysian airline. So if this airline is involved is it the HO in Malaysia or the local guys?

The LPI also has a deal in place with Microsoft. Do Microsoft have any record of sports' sponsorship elsewhere? It would be interesting to see what they bring to the table!

While the LPI does have a lot of goodwill towards it with many in Indonesia fed up with the leadership of the FA or PSSI, they have come under flak for some of their outlandish claims since launching in January 2011. The best perhaps being one club, straight faced, saying they are in talks with Dennis Bergkamp or his representatives!

maybe..note:just or thats airline agreed to became LPI sponsored..because it just need small amount contract..and if you ask me why theres no article or source to confirm it..because thats just small agreement could you think thats microsoft will show it in their official site..theres many more important thing to be informed LOL
there's only one blog reported about air asia + microsoft sponsorship on LPI

no news about air asia + microsoft being Lpi sponsor in mainstream media, even in their official media....
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