Thursday, March 10, 2011


LPI Reject PSSI Overture

The turgid saga with the PSSI is finally drawing to a close. FIFA have, apparently, said the current incumbent Nurdin Halid may not stand for re-election and while the PSSI are quite rightly waiting for confirmation, calling it 'gossip' we do seem to be approaching the end game.

For now the imbroglio continues as people jockey for position and influence but it seems more a question of when and not if we can look forward to life post Nurdin.

Of course there is no guarantee any replacement will be any better but they will at least have the benefit of a honeymoon from the Anyone But Nurdin brigade.

It was recently revealed the PSSI offered the renegade Liga Primer Indonesia the chance to join the official pyramid as a third division beneath the Indonesia Super League and the Divisi Utama.

There are amateur leagues beneath the Divisi Utama known as Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

Anyway the LPI turned down the offer. Understandable the resources pumped into the league till now. But then again the lower league clubs would also be disappointed to find these 19 teams parachuted in above them.

The first major task any post Nurdin regime faces is accommodating the LPI teams. Some of them may fall by the wayside or absorb local government teams. For instance can Tangerang really support three teams, Persita, Persikota and Tangerang Wolves? Can Jakarta 1928 and Persija live side by side?

Nothing has been sorted yet of course but a consensus does to be being reached and that is that football no longer needs Nurdin and his cronies. Then the hard work really begins.

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