Saturday, March 05, 2011


Latest On Nurdin

Had difficulty keeping up with events in Indonesia re the PSSI and FIFA so here's what FIFA have to say.

Indonesia (PSSI): the PSSI should organise the general assembly on 26 March 2011 to elect the electoral commission and adopt an electoral code based on the FIFA standard electoral code. The electoral commission will then organise elections before 30 April 2011. In addition, if the PSSI is not able to regain control of the breakaway league, the case will be submitted to the FIFA Executive Committee for a potential suspension.

So does this mean that current chairman Nurdin Halid can no longer stand? After all he is a convicted felon. Oh, and a small point but the PSSI has never had control of the LPI so how can it 'regain control'?

In other news the Indonesian ambassador in Switzerland is looking to report to FIFA alleged lies told by PSSI in the past. Given FIFA's fear and loathing of political interference, contrasted with its implicit acceptance of match fixing and bribery allegations, it remains to be seen how they deal with this.

More demos in Jakarta and talk that a leading PSSI official's car was attacked while he was attending a meeting.

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