Friday, March 18, 2011


The Last Of The Romanovs

Cendrawasi Papua keeper, Deniss Romanovs, is reportedly ion his way to Europe to join the Latvia side ahead of their Euro 2012 qualifier against Israel. That’s one long flight from Jayapura to Riga! I would love to have seen the local travel agent try and get their head round that one!

If this is the case then he would be the first international from the rebel Liga Primer Indonesia to be selected for his country.

Without local FA support the Liga ‘officially’ doesn’t exist in the eyes of FIFA, the world governing body.

Earlier this month the Football Association of Singapore said that current internationals Baihakki Khaizan and Shahril Ishak risked being barred from international call up after they had signed for Medan Chiefs, also in the LPI.

Anyway a look at the Latvian FA website shows a squad has been selected for the Israel game but Romanovs name is not included.

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