Saturday, March 05, 2011


Kicking Up A Racket

Good to see, and hear, quite a bit of atmosphere at the two SLeague games I attended, Hougang United v Home United and Young Lions v Geylang United. Another interesting thing I noticed was the youth of many of the fans that surely bodes well for the future...if they can be kept engaged and involved with their football club.

Last night I went to Kranji for the horse racing and while, for the first time, I could actually follow the crowds to a sporting event in Singapore, the vast majority of the spectators there puffing away and happily losing their money could remember Singapore under British rule.

Singapore football has youth on its side but it has to work hard at keeping these people involved because if they drift away there is nothing left. Forget Pele's visit, forget strategic plans, the FA need to communicate with the likes of United 4 United, Lions All The Way and Kallang Roar because these are the ones who support the game on a regular basis, these are the ones who can tell their mates to get down their local stadium. The mainstream media aren't up to the task...

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