Friday, March 25, 2011


Jakarta Casual Debuts In English Media!

OK, a couple of years back I made a fleeting appearance in the Camden & Islington Journal about the death of an Arsenal terrace legend but this time I've made it on to a national broadsheet with an article about Lee Hendrie arriving in Indonesia to play in the Liga Primer Indonesia!

A few weeks back The Independent asked me to pen something about Lee's arrival in Indonesia with Bandung following on from my interview with him on Jakarta Casual TV and of course I was happy to do something so here it is!

Excellent. Chuffed for you.

Shows that hard work can pay off.

You're widely acknowledged as a reliable and informative source of information about Indonesian and SE Asian football (plus a little Aussie).

Please keep it going. I'm sure there'll be others chasing your words of wisdom in the future - and maybe even paying you a decent wedge for it!!
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