Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Doing It For ...

So an SLeague side is going to take on Albirex Niigata to raise money for victims in Japan's recent disasters.

Not a big fan of these, gotta say. You know when you get people like Bono crawling out the woodwork telling me I 'must' help the victims of a disaster, man made or whatever, it sickens me. Especially when they say the way I can help is by buying a ticket for their concert or buying a t shirt with their name on it or downloading their music off the net.

The money they raise, from the likes of me, will go to their cause. And they give what exactly?

I've been to a few of these fund raisers over the years. Ones that spring to mind are games between Aldershot and Manchester United (raise money for soldiers injured in Falklands War), or Tampines Rovers v Geylang (doing it for Charmaine (whatever happened to her)) when they doubled the prices so people could see the likes of Andrew Leci and Sheikh Haikul play in a charity knock about before everyone buggered off ahead of the main event.

Do I have good cause fatigue? Not really. No harm in giving at all. I just don't like the way it's all being shoved down our throats and the implicit message is if we don't rattle the tin with silver we don't care.

Fundraisers may say that such high profile events do see a spike in their fund raising efforts so of course they will continue to hold them. People like to pay of 60 quid to watch an English premier League game so clubs will continue to charge those prices.

But for me, any giving I do will be done surreptitiously with a nod and a wink to the wise. I don't need the oxygen of publicity to feel sympathy and make me part with my cash! Not under pressure from back slapping celebs...

well said that man.
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