Thursday, March 24, 2011


Chonburi Must Fly To Papua?

Persipura's Manadala Stadium, in Jayapura, Papua, is being assessed today by bods from the Asian Football Confederation. If they deem it suitable then Persipura can use the stadium for their two remaining AFC Cup games against Chonburi and South China.

Apparently the big screen wasn't ready and there were issues with the media area as of yesterday. get away! The verififers will give their final decision on Monday.

What about the small matter of the stadium being close to an international airport? Does Sentani Airport serve international flights? Doesn't look like it, does it?

So, if Chonburi do have to fly all the way to Jayapura, perhaps 10 hours including transit from Jakarta, at least Sinthaweechai 'Kosin' Hathairatnakul, can brief the team on what to expect!

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