Tuesday, March 29, 2011


AFC Accept Mandala Stadium

Bad news for Chonburi and South China.

Persipura have been given the go ahead to use their Mandala Stadium in Jayapura for their remaining AFC Cup games.

There are no direct flights to Jayapura (DJJ) on Garuda, the only airline I would consider for such a trek. You get to transit at places like Denpaser, Timika or Makassar depending on the flight.

Flights east leave late at night which means lengthy waits in uninspiring airport lounges or sat cocooned in the the plane itself while you would arrive in Jayapura early morning feeling totally unrefreshed.

Of course, Indonesia is part of Asia and Jayapura is part of Indonesia so, if their stadium meets requirements, there is no reason why they can't play their home games at, umm, home.

It will certainly be a wake up call for Nicky Butt!

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