Thursday, February 17, 2011


Zickler To Be Bonek?

Reports suggesting former Bayern Munchen and German striker Alexander Zickler could be the next big name to move to the Liga Primer Indonesia. However his coach at Persebaya 1927 Aji Santoso seems to be in the dark, not knowing his name, where he is or when he's coming. Let's hope Aji does know that his team are playing Bali Devata this weekend.

What the hell Zickler will be there? He is 37!! And I don't know for how long he didn't kicked a ball.
he can play up front alongside me!
obviously he wouldn't make an instant impact for the club,but at least he can transfer his knowledge on football, that is what Indonesian football's need at this time, especially for the youngster.
Zickler is currenty playing in premier league in Austria.. player of the year 2 seasons back and leading goalscorer
there are possiblities that the other player is Laurent Robert , former france international ... hopefully if one of them is not eligible then one of them play in real mataram or bintang medan or the other team who will became team no 20.21,22,23 or 24
morris - do you represent him and are you saying he will stay in austria?
I represent Mr Zickler agent in Asia. He is available to play in Asia / Indonesia if a club can meet the salary and conditions he requires. There has been no official offer for his services.
thanks for the update
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