Sunday, February 06, 2011


Scattered Bulls

Before the 2010 SLeague season kicked off there were many who felt that Gombak United stood a fair chance of securing their first ever title. Coached by Australian Darren Stewart they were a side brimming with attacking flair and defensive stability.

Within a few weeks of course the dream was well and truly splattered by the red tape of Singapore officialdom. Strikers Kingsley Njoku and Gabriel Obatola had their passes revoked and Stewart had to scramble around to find replacements.

The core of that team has now left meaning the Aussie coach goes into 2011 with practically a new squad. So what has happened to the boys of 2010?

Gabriel Obatola - Pattaya United
Kingsley Njoku - Phnom Penh Crown
Agu Casmir - Persija
Bah Mamadou - SAFFC
Goran Subara - PSM

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