Sunday, February 13, 2011


Phnom Penh Crown

Ambition is not measured by what you say. If it was then Tottenham would be the biggest club in the known universe.

No, what's important about ambition is how you set about achieving it. And it's not just the glamour names that show ambition, it's the little touches around the club that show how how determined the club is.

Take Phnom Penh Crown for example. The Cambodia League champions have signed for My Team coach Bojan Hodak as coach with former national team coach Scott O'Donell also on board.

The signing of Kingsley Njoku was also a statement of intent while allowing Khim Borey the chance to play across the border in Thailand with Si Sa Ket shows the importance they place in player development.

Off the field the club are way ahead of other Cambodian clubs. Actually, they are way ahead of teams in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in some respects. An informative web site is regulalry updated. Please not a website. Not the Twitter Facebook which are useful additions to the media locker but are not the only way of spreading message.

Now Phnom Penh Crown have released their first ever Yearbook and a fascinating read it is too.

Can other teams in the region match the efforts of Cambodia's finest?

Wow, you are here, there, everywhere don't you?
i wish...
Thanks for flagging what's happening at PCFC.
We have a President who wants to take us to a different level on the regional stage, intends to pull Cambodian football up by its boot-straps and is prepared to put his money where his ambitions lie. Bojan and Scott have injected much-needed professionalism into the club, everyone is on-side and on-board with what we are trying to do, and I can tell you its an exciting time to be with PPCFC.
We have major plans to involve the community and the fans, we've already begun the 1st-ever residential youth development programme with 22 full-time youngsters getting serious coaching and schooling every day, and this is just for starters.
Keep an eye on Phnom Penh Crown this season and in the future.
PPCFC Press Officer
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