Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Pelita Jaya Friendly

I've often joked that when in doubt the Indonesian national team, when in need of practise, will usually line up something against either Pelita Jaya Under 21s or one of the military services.

There is good reason of course why Pelita Jaya are always available to play the national team. The owner of the club is a major player at the FA.

So Indonesia Olympic, ahead of flying to Hong Kong for a couple of friendlies, will play Pelita Jaya Under 21 at Bung Karno this Saturday at 7pm.

For any nutters out there that means that Saturday you can catch a couple of games in Jakarta. Persitara have a game lined up in the Divisi Utama while Batavia Union host PSM in the Liga Primer Indonesia.

Me? I have a family...and beer to drink!

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