Sunday, February 20, 2011


Now Nurdin Wants To Take On AFF

After eight years as Chairman of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), Nurdin Halid has decided he wants to be President of the ASEAN Football Association. Such is the lust for power if he can't be President he is happy enough to be Vice President.

Halid recently failed to be elected to the Asian Football Confederation and is up for re-election with the PSSI this year; a job he seems likely to retain after it was announced two of his main rivals were banned from taking part by a verification committee.

The former Makassar and Golkar MP is a controversial figure in Indonesia. He has served time in jail on corruption charges yet despite it being in contravention of FIFA statutes the gnomes in Switzerland were content to let the PSSI go on with business as usual.

Demos are regularly held against his alleged mismanagement and within the game of football it is difficult to find a good word for the man who has ran the game for the last eight years. Songs have been written demanding he stand down and chants of Nurdin Turun (Nurdin Step Down) are a regular occurrence at internationals and league games, perhaps prompting the PSSI to move the Olympic Qualifier against Turkmenistan to Palembang.

During the recent AFF Cup which Indonesia co-hosted banners were set up around Jakarta and in the stadium praising his efforts to bring success to the national team but the fans weren't so impressed as this video shows.

Not just Jakarta. The picture top left shows a picture of the man himself that was made by someone and hung up at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in KL during the 1st leg of the AFF Cup Final

The alleged incompetence of the PSSI was a driving force behind the creation of the Liga Primer Indonesia.

In football, politics is just as murky as in real life...

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