Thursday, February 03, 2011


More Juicy Scandal

A story doing the rounds at the moment, well over the last couple of days, revolves around allegations that some Indonesian players conspired to 'throw' the AFF Cup Final 1st leg in KL.

I first heard allegations a couple of weeks ago and was given the identity of the players involved but as is policy I left it. Rumours is rumours and breaking a story like this is best left to people with better lawyers than I!

Apparently e-mails have been sent to the president of Indonesia, purporting to come from an official with the Tax Department. You wanna sniff a rat? The supposed whistleblowers name is Cohen. Eli Cohen.

I've only been here just about a decade but I have never come across such a name as Cohen. And Eli Cohen? He was an Israeli spy!

So that story is probably just a fog. Is there any truth though in the allegations? It's gonna take more than an email from a long dead secret agent to shine any light on what may or may not have happened

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