Thursday, February 10, 2011


Let The Nonsense Increase!

There have been some pretty loony rumours running round Indonesia ever since the Liga Primer Indonesia got off the ground. This player is gonna sign, that world cup coach is gonna sign. All usually ends in nowt.

Now we have perhaps the rumour to end all rumours.

Remember Orson Wells giving Americans the willies over War of the Worlds? This is even dafter.

Minangkabau are said to be interested in signing Dennis Bergkamp the former Arsenal and Ajax legend. Yep, the non flying Dutchman himself who drove round Europe to play for Arsenal rather than fly with his team mates, is being the offered the chance to turn his back on Ajax and put his boots on for Minangkabau in the LPI.

Where every away game is by air!

Like, umm, yeah.

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According to Wikipedia, the breakaway league is sponsored by Coke and Microsoft. Is that true?
Also, why has this rebel who started the league not been bumped off? Is it because he's well connected himself? Or do the government not take football that seriously anyway?
yep, coke do sponsor it

the govt tacitly supports this league as a means of getting to a major political rival...

so many links, posted some on thai football a while back but forget where
i remembered reading about Bergkamp wanting to do a train+bus trip from Amsterdam to Singapore back then e.g. Amsterdam-Moscow-Vladivostok-Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou-Hanoi-HoChiMinh-Bangkok-KL-Singapore

maybe plus a short ride on a ferry then he'll reach his dreamland eh??
do you know that there are too many nonsenses from PSSI ?
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