Friday, February 11, 2011


King Faisal Babes

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a hareem. But is there a football club by that name? Reading through Thai Fussball where they have an excellent page on the transfer market, it looks like Buriram PEA have signed Frank Aceampong from the aforementioned King Faisal Babes.

The same website also reported a couple of days ago that Osotspa's Phaitoon Thiabma had signed for Thai Premier League champions Muang Thong United but his name seems to have been removed since then.

Phaitoon is a familiar name to many Indonesians after a couple of spells with Persijap.

Back to King Faisal Babes. Wonder what their nickname is? Perhaps Andy Gray is head coach there and Richard Keys chief groundsman? How many cups have they won?

UPDATE - apparently it's a real club! King Faisal Babes...Samuel Kuffor, who was with FC Bayern when I was watching them, played for them

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