Monday, February 14, 2011


Jakarta 1928 v Cendrawasih Papua 2-2

Just like watching Arsenal. Well, the shirt at least.

Missed the first 15 minutes, and Jakarta's opening goal scored by Sansan. Late on in the half the Papuans came back into the game and with goals by Patrick Ghigani and Yance Yowey they went in 2-1 up at half time.

Couple of familiar faces in the Jakarta line up, both having played for Persija in the past. Up front was Emmanuel De Porres while in the middle was the pony tailed Gustavo Herman Ortiz.

Second half was all one way but Jakarta threatened little until a blatant penalty that had to be taken three times before the ref was happy. First effort scored, ref said do it again. Second effort missed, ref said do it again.

Don't recall having seen that before, normally you would expect a riot here but the chap next to me assured me everything was legit and the ref had done everything correctly. He should know, he was with a group of referees from Europe who would be taking charge of LPI games shortly.

The crowd was pants. Less than a couple of hundred. Pity the poor guy with the mega phone and two drummers trying to build up an atmosphere on the empty terraces.

Like leagues, football clubs are not developed over night.

LPI is part of the revolution of Indonesian football. You cannot be a part of revolution when you are in side the PSSI. And LPI is just the beginning. And we are believing on LPI.
sorry, are you accusing me of being on the side of pssi?

i'm on my side fella, don't give me this 'for us or against us nonsense'
We'll Sepp Piontek said "Anything is Possible , Miracle Needs time" before he took charge of Turkish National Football team after the worst defeat 0-8 ( CMIIW ) from england in 1988.after 10 years they became major power in europe though not as good as the big boys like germany , england , france , netherland , spain or italy yet .. so i hope your hope is right anthony .. Rome wasn't build overnight and so does LPI ..
i was at that england turkey game!
WOWW .. You must be enjoying the game so much with a thanksgiving turket is in hand , mouth and everywhere .. at least they were better in the world cup than england in 4 decades (number 3 in Korea Japan 2002 )
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