Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Indonesian Railways Say No More Fans

Kerata Api, the Indonesian Railway company, have announced they will no longer carry football fans. They say many fans cause damage to trains, sit on the roof and don't buy tickets.

No-one I guess asked why the fans were allowed to sit on he roof or why they were allowed on the train without tickets.

There was a highly publicised case last season featuring Persebaya fans who travelled by rail to Bandung. The journey was filmed by news camera crews at major stations and showed clips of fans being involved in rock fights as they passed through enemy territory such as Lamongan and Solo.

The nation lapped it up, soaking up the coverage on TV, tut tutting their middle class prejudice at the screens while taking a secret, perverse delight in what happens at Indonesian football, their football.

So how does Kereta Api plan to enforce this? It's pretty clear it hasn't enforced its rules in the past (buying tickets, not sitting on the roof, etc.).

No one wearing a football shirt can ride? No one wearing team colors? No young males wearing anything other than business attire? This is just the latest sweeping gesture by a government entity with no teeth or stomach for enforcement.
USA has Bob Hope...
it's the start of the casual era in Indonesia!
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