Monday, February 21, 2011


Home Free Home

Home United's return to Bishan Stadium is being marked with a number of activities. Yesterday players were at a shopping mall near the stadium meeting potential fans and trying to prise them away from the comfort of their stress filled lives (it's in the paper everyday so gotta be true) and attend a real life football match in a real life stadium.

Coupons will be given out to people who must then attend the game where they will be given a Home United goodie bag whatever that may be.

On match day the first 600 will get free food and everyone can watch the match free.

Yeah, I know they're making an effort and all that but free admission? There's a new mall opened near us and they're starting life with a sale of up to 70%. Sends the wrong message. Giving free food may appeal to Singaporeans but for me it's something associated with the homeless (oh, just noticed that!), not a healthy middle class with cash to burn.

Make 'em pay I say!

They are not homeless, just that their wives not cooking dinner...
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