Wednesday, February 23, 2011


FIFA Ignorant Of Indonesian Reality

Pressure continues to mount on embattled Indonesian FA Nurdin Halid. Fans across the country staged demos yesterday against his leadership and against his plans to stay for another term. Recently an FA verification panel rejected the bids from two outsiders to enter the polls.

Halid of course has spent time in jail but this doesn't seem to worry anyone in the game. Except the fans. FIFA seem quite happy to have him continue in his own merry way. And he is also bidding to lead the ASEAN Football Federation even though he can't speak Thai or Vietnamese let alone English that well.

Across the Arab world people are rising up against paternal authority figures who think they no best and assume to tell the rest of the country what they should say, do or think. These dinosaurs are being consigned to history yet in Indonesia the happy little band seem intent on hanging on in there.

Things are getting so divisive that yesterday on Twitter someone asked if I was a Nurdin man!

A book has been published alleging misdeeds of the man in quesion and more protests are scheduled.

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