Saturday, February 26, 2011


EXCLUSIVE - PSSI Eye New Chairman

I can reveal that top level negotiations are ongoing to solve the impasse at the Indonesian Football Association and that a new name has entered the fray.

Officials are looking at offering under pressure Libyan president Maumaar Ghadaffi the job with Nurdin Halid taking over Libya and possibly Egypt as they share the same border.

Someone close to the talks sees the solution as a win win for all sides. 'Ghadaffi's son knows about football as he is a shareholder in Juventus. And the last time Indonesia won anything it was the Merdeka Cup when they played Libya in the final.'

That final ended when the Libyan coach was allegedly smacked in the mouth at home time with his team leading 1-0. They stayed in the tunnel and the match was awarded to Indonesia 3-1.

The source though is unperturbed. 'It was just a misunderstanding.

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