Thursday, January 13, 2011


Taking The Battle To The Airwaves

The war of words between the official Indonesian football leagues, in this case the Divisi Utama, and the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia now has a new front. In Semarang.

PSIS, in Divisi Utama, were scheduled to play Persikota yesterday afternoon but earlier in the week the game was rescheduled til Saturday.

Semarang United had originally between scheduled to play Tangerang United on Sunday but that has now been brought forward to the Saturday.

So we have both Semarang teams playing on the same day at the same time and both being shown live on national TV.

How will Semarang fans react? Will they stay home and watch the traditional PSIS in what will be a bottom of the table clash. Or will they flock to the Jatidiri Stadium to catch the new boys Semarang United in their opening game?

Judging by the opening games I guess it's gonna be the latter but see what competition does for consumers or potential consumers?

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