Saturday, January 08, 2011


Solo v Persema 1-5

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The controversial Liga Primer Indonesia finally got under way in cloudy Solo with Persema thrashing the hapless hosts 5-1 in front of a large crowd.

Jaya gave Persema the lead, Golden Balls himself Irfan Bachdim netted twice, Robbie Gaspar and M Kamri completed the Persema scoring while their keeper got in on the act letting a soft shot slip through his hands to give Solo fans some consolation.

Will it Change The Game as the LPI hope? Certainly there was no dissent, I didn't see any stretcher bearers and the home fans seemed to accept the defeat.

But it stunk of being staged. Everyone looked like they had been told to be on their best behaviour and the passion had been knocked out the game.

Flying tackles and abuse are as much a part of football as calling the ref a tosser and kicking the cat when you get home after yet another home defeat. This game had all the passion of french kissing Mabel on the last MRT from Lavender after a busy night on the nasi lemak. It was like a military parade in North Korea.

I don't wanna see players helping their opponents to their feet after a late, accidental tackle. I don't wanna see players hugging the ref. I wanna see football and football is war.

I'm hoping that it was just opening night nerves. I'm hoping that if the LPI does continue it will get more 'real'. Football around the world is getting more and more choreographed, more and more regulated and that ain't a good thing. Let's have some spontaneity.

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