Monday, January 17, 2011


Sleman Fans Choose Divisi Utama?

Yesterday saw PSS Sleman play a Divisi Utama game away to PSIR Rembang. The game ended in a 2-1 defeat and some rock throwing.

What is interesting is that their home stadium, known as the Mini San Siro, hosted a Liga Primer Indonesia game between Real Mataram and Bali Dewata in front of a sparse crowd.

Should we read too much into this or is it just that PSS fans are a loyal bunch despite the lack of success they have seen over recent years?

Certainly the one time I saw them play in Jakarta they brought the largest away following I had seen at Lebak Bulus.

I was there yesterday , and the crowd is about 6000 fans ( small enough to fill 30.000 capacity stadium ).. mostly they are the neutral football fans who don't want to get involve in local supporters anarchy involving some fans club.for me its good since it will make the club is distinguished themselves from others and not get involved in the chaotic rivalry . beside that its a new club and it takes a long way to be mature , FYI RM claimed to represents Jogja province as a unity , not some regency only .. but i will support RM because at least they were not supporting
the local budget , Wanna Join ?
will it be a god rivalry with solo?

starting a team can never be easy. diy already has psim, pss and persiba as well as ppsm pretty close by, that's a pretty full market place
HAHAHA its always a triangle rivalry between jogja solo semarang , the best in the region course its not easy and its more challenging .. i have spoken to some people in RM and they eould like to do some of your ideas written here like goes to schools and give them a free tickets or coaching clinics .. from other football fans in the stadium , i got an information that the matchday management is better than PSS Sleman ... we'll see and hope it will have a bright future ..FYI PPSM is in central java province so the locals doesn't consider them the real jogjan's .. i remember the days in my teenage when nobody heard of persiba bantul and PSS sleman( there were only one PSIM as a jogja team that days ) .. they were became well known and begin to draw a fans after they played in the second tier competition ( the old division 1 ) .. so impossible is nothing for RM ..

Future Belongs For Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams
* eleanor roosevelt*
it's good they wanna be so proactive

let's hope some of their ideas rub off on the other teams
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