Saturday, January 08, 2011


Singapore National Team Riven By Internal Disputes

The Singapore media, led by the football loathing, draught excluding, tree destroying Straits Times, continues to take aim at certain players in the national team.

Following on from the story that five cards were caught playing cards after lights out, only Singapore could make a story out of this nonsense, comes news in the ST, and therefore unlinkable unless you pay which I won't, that one of the players, angry at being caught/being fined asked for his ticket back to Singapore.

The player concerned, said to have over 50 caps, went on to play against Vietnam in the final game, a game the Lions lost 1-0 and saw them knocked out the AFF Cup.

There was a slew of stories in the Singapore media attacking the attitude of players in the national team over the last year. Two players were late for the team bus in Jordan while there were also allegations of players smoking.

Yeah, I know. Compared to players running brothels, shagging aging hookers or being involved in drugs it's all pretty tame stuff but what can you expect when scandal is kept to a minimum by the censors.

This thread on Kallang Roar has the story, I'm not gonna copy n paste in case the fine paper decides to sue me (!!), but the thread is of interest because of some amateur detective work.

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