Monday, January 10, 2011


Players & Coaches Responsibility To The Game

I do have a quiet chuckle whenever I see coaches or players moaning about match officials especially when they lose playing away. Out they come moaning about non technical issues effecting the final outcome.

If it upsets you so much then the next time you're favoured at home with a ludicrous penalty or a plainly offside goal giving you a late,late victory, or your opponent was obvioulsy fouled and the away team should have got a penalty but you're winning 2-1...why don't you stand up and say something?

Or when it happens in your favour you're happy to take, take, take?

Do players and coaches have a responsibility to the game? Probably not. Most players seem to spend more time working on their goal celebrations rather than actually thinking about how 'accepting' referee bias in their favour damages the game.

Cheating is accepted implicitly in the game and were a player to come out and say 'oi, this ain't right, we should never have had that last minute penalty that won us the game and saved us from the drop' they would probably be shunned in the dressing room and fast tracked out the club.

Players and coaches do have a responsibility but it's too their employers and their families. It's them that runs the game that have a responsibility to the greater game of the good. And when it's them that abuses the game, where to turn for help?

I fell the same exactly what you are felling about the game. I wrote it in my blog, specially when it goes to Arema match. I am Aremania but I am neutral supporter. If you understand Bahasa, just check my blog. Well I am following your blog ^^. You wrote big kick article, I like it.
I seem to remember Andy Gray being dropped by Scotland for admitting he may not have been fouled when the Scots were awarded a penalty.

Nice as it is to think that players, coaches, administrators, etc. have a responsibility to something other than their next paycheck, it's a fantasy. The only people worth pleasing to them are their paymasters. Just look at the PSSI -- there's no culture of accountability (or accounting, for that matter), foreigners who want to reform the system are told to keep their big noses out of local business and stay quiet, and nothing is ever official until the Official Letter has arrived and been read by at least three senior officials.
yeah, it was a john lennon moment, hopefully wont happen again!
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