Friday, January 07, 2011


Now FIFA Talks Sanctions

With the Indonesian FA now in Doha for the Asian Cup along with all the other footballing bigwigs expect plenty of wagon circling as they seek to repel the intruder, the upstart Liga Primer Indonesia.

Reuters no less has picked up on a football story out of Indonesia and quotes a FIFA official as saying they 'have heard nothing official' about the LPI and warn that if it goes ahead tomorrow as planned 'it will be dealt with by FIFA's emergency committee and sanctions will be taken'.

Ambiguous quotes from the LPI have always led people to believe that FIFA were on board with a league outside of the official FA but that seems to be firmly rebutted by this article and the quotes.

I did write to FIFA, and the AFC, last year asking them to clarify a couple of points about the LPI but they didn't bother answering my questions. Now it seems they are paying attention.

What next?

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