Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No, I'm Not With Liga Primer Indonesia

So there I am, me and Belgian Pat, sat in the main stand, the only stand, at Tugu Stadium waiting for Persitara v Persiraja to kick off. The stadium is empty, no more than two or three dozen inside at the time.

Up comes this Persitara official and asks us if we are connected with the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia. No, I reply, I'm not. So where are we from then? Well, Pat is from Belgium. Oh says he, and you? I bloody live here I said in my poor Indonesian. Ok perhaps I didn't say bloody but you get the gist.

He seems happy enough with my replies, wow, big of him eh? Before he leaves me he tells me that LPI people aren't allowed in the stadium.

What's that all about then?

Man, this is pathetic and how one judge one is from the rival league?
Yeah. Those guys who dislike LPI or Liga Primer Indonesia realy selfish. Only think of themselves and never realy think of Indonesian football improvement.
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