Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Njanka To Quit Arema?

Ongisnade, the leading Arema fan site, is suggesting inspirational captain and skipper Pierre Njanka is ready to quit the Indonesia Super League champions, frustrated at not being paid for ages.

The former Cameroon international, who was Jakarta Casual Player Of The Year 2010, could well spark an exodus of biblical proportions if he does quit.

Pre season he was all set to sign for Sriwijaya before changing his mind. However team mates Noh Alam Shah and M Riduan did go ahead and sign for them on the understanding that their skipper had already leaving many red faces!

Rumours have been rife for a while now that Persib were interested in signing him and if they do then that would leave them with Nova Arianto, Maman Abdurahman and Baihakki Khaizan as their central defenders. With Bai being used as a right back expect one of them to be moved on during the transfer window.

The farce that is Arema continues. They attract the biggest crowds in the league, they're sitting on a commercial gold mine yet they never have two coins to rub together.

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