Monday, January 10, 2011


LPI Hope To Appeal To FIFA's Football Soul

After FIFA threatened sanctions against Indonesia's breakaway league, the Liga Primer Indonesia, the new league have welcomed the opportunity to sit down with the world's governing body and explain their situation.

OK, let's put aside claims they had already done this and gotten approval (I think what was said at the time was that FIFA won't get involved if the FA are on board), appealing to FIFA's morals and ethics is rather like asking a King Cobra who hasn't eaten for six months to take care of the barbeque you're preparing while you nip into the bottle shop for a few more six packs.

FIFA have shown during the recent World Cup bidding debacle that their primary interest isn't football. It's themselves. Only a bunch of time serving, cover thine butt, individuals would attack the messenger and not the message. But they're politicians, it's what they do. Football takes a secondary position to their view of themselves.

Assuming FIFA and LPI sit down and chat and the LPI list the ills that ail Indonesian football. What do you think them cigar chewing knuckle draggers are gonna do? You think they're gonna call the PSSI and say 'oi, you've been very naughty boys, you're fired?'

Are they bollocks. They're gonna look at LPI and think what's in it for you? 'Cos that's the way their minds work. What's your angle and how do you benefit. So they're gonna be very suspicious of anyone that dares to place themselves on a pedestal and query their god given powers.

The last thing FIFA is gonna do is bend over backwards and say 'yes, you're right, please take over from PSSI.' Because then every gin sodden, brown enveloped handed league in the world will be beating a path to Switzerland asking to be heard and they ain't gonna want that. Oh no, they hate the spotlight turned on them when they can't control the beam.

The best anybody can expect from them is for them to suggest if the FA is as rotten as you suggest why don't you invest the money in standing for election to the FA and change from within. You know, like what happens in most democracies.

They'll then put away their briefcases and head to the golf course or ski slopes while the LPI will sit there with smoke coming out their ears, stammering that the whole bloody system is rotten but by then no-one will be listening.

When Lord Acton said "Power tends to Corrupt , Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely " i never realized that it would happened to football ... sad isn't it ?
yep, the things these ppl do to impress the women!!!
FIFA? Soul?


Etc., etc.
after my temporary moment of lennonism by irony was well and truly back for this one!
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