Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Looking For A Younghusband?

If you are then Jakarta is the place to be. The Liga Primer Indonesia team Jakarta 1928 have reportedly signed Philippine internationals Phil and James Younghusband. So that means, girls, you get two young husbands for the price of one!

Jakarta 1928 are slated to play their first LPI game on Saturday when they host Bogor Raya at the Lebak Bulus Stadium. If all the permissions are received in time!

The Younghusbands played for the Philippines during the recent AFF Cup, they played twice against Indonesia in the semi final. and have also spent time on the books of Chelsea.

It's gonna be interesting to see whether or not they get picked by the Philippines while they're with Jakarta 1928. Indonesian national team officials have made it clear players with the breakaway LPI will not be called up for Olympic qualifiers or the SEA Games.

UPDATE - this article suggests the brothers are playing down the talk of them moving to Jakarta

Regarding the last paragraph on the question of whether they will be picked by the Philippines.

I don't think that the illegality of the Indonesian Premier League will affect their eligibility to play with the Azkals. After all, the league's status is an Indonesian issue, and not a Philippine issue.

I'm a Filipino, by the way. Sorry for barging in on your blog, but I'm a football fan and this is a football blog. :D
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