Monday, January 03, 2011


The Kraton Derby - Persis v PSIM

The Javanese cities of Solo and Yogyakarta have a rivalry going back centuries. Both claim to be the heart of Java's soul, both claim to better represent the Javanese ideal.

Today they meet on the football field, the Manahan Stadium to be precise, to battle it out for regional glory.

PSIM from Yogyakarta have the upper hand. They lead group two of Divisi Utama with 13 points from their opening six points. Hosts Persis are bottom with just two draws to show from their opening five games.

Both teams have fallen on hard times in recent years yet they still recall their glory years back in the 1930s when they ruled the roost of Indonesian football. Be it under the Dutch, the Japanese or as a newly independent country this two proud sides battled for domination of the local football scene

1932 - PSIM Champions
1935 - Persis Champions
1936 - Persis Champions
1937 - Persis Runners Up
1939 - Persis Champions, PSIM Runners Up
1940 - Persis Champions, PSIM Runners Up
1941 - PSIM Runners Up
1942 - Persis Champions
1943 - Persis Champions, PSIM Runners Up
1948 - Persis Champions, PSIM Runners Up

(Thanks to Top Skor for this info)

Life has been less than glorious for fans of both teams since then with both teams falling off the football radar into Division One at the end of the 20th Century. Indeed Persis after enduring an abject 2009/2010 season only avoided dropping back into amateur football after some promoted teams declined to go up the ladder.

PSIM last played in football's top flight, then known as Liga Indonesia, back in 2006 but following a severe earthquake withdrew before the season ended.

The more I write about this game, the more I think about it, the more I wish I had made the trip to Solo for it. But I haven't. Instead if you can't watch the game on TV keep an eye on Jakarta Casual on Twitter for regular updates.

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