Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A Joint ASEAN World Cup Bid?

Forget it!

Oh c'mon Antony, why not? Is it because WE won't be around by 2030? Cheers!
because fifa will never allow 10 host nations
because asean will never be able to select a unified aseasn team
because should they agree on two hosts they would never agree on which two
because asean can never agree pn anything
because this is being driven first and foremost by politicians
... but apart from that, why not ?
Because having fat bank accounts, cushy jobs, taxpayer-funded private villas and fleets of a dozen cars just don't have the same oomph as status symbols as they once did. Hell, every Tom, Dick and Haryanto in Jakarta (who runs in their circles) owns multiple SUVs.

Or maybe, just maybe, they saw how well "bidding" for the World Cup worked for Nurdin Halid and they want to know the secret of his longevity.
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