Saturday, January 15, 2011


Jakarta 1928

Jakarta 1928 are one of the 19 teams in the Liga Primer Indonesia. On my copy of the LPI fixtures for 2011 they were due to play Bogor Raya today in their opening game of the season. Even local tabloid Top Skor had the game as being played today. But as far as I can make out it wasn't.

Good start for change the game and all that.

Anyway Jakarta 1928 may only be a few months old but, unlike the older and more glamourous Persija, they have their own website up and running with one page devoted to their history!

It seems they have signed Gustavo Hernan Ortiz. He had a six month spell with Persija a few years back and is remembered most for 45 yard passes and being carried off the field on a stretcher. I can do that as well. Why can't I get a team?

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