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Is It Real 'Cos I Feel Fake

Apologies for the title taken from a Robbie Williams song. I would have preferred another song, more earthier, more direct but there you go.

Questions are being raised about the authenticity of a fax allegedly sent from FIFA to the Indonesian FA, PSSI, calling on the Indonesian body to impose sanctions on the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia.

I have not seen a clear copy of the letter but a copy can be found here.

Now my eyesight maybe fading but have they spelt Football as Footbull?

As I said it is too indistinct to make head nor tail of but if you're interested there is a whole discussion going on on a popular Indonesian language message board.

It shouldn't be too hard to enquire into the fax's authenticity. A simple request to FIFA should sort the matter once and for all.

Oh wait, I've tried that before and they never bothered answering!

It says something about how people here view the PSSI when their every action is cross examined with minute detail

On a logical level the PSSI need do nothing. They hold all the aces. it's just a question of how they play them. If they have stooped to forging letters, and that has not been proved, then the aces have become Jokers

Like I said before I have not seen the letter properly so willnot offer any view. But FIFA, as the governing body of football around the world, needs to be aware of the depth of feeling surrounding Indonesian football. One regular visitor to Jakarta Casual told me that it's getting to the stage where if you don't support the Liga Primer Indonesia then, by extension, you support the status quo.

This divisive George W Bush approach of if you're not for us you're against us is not going to solve anything. Instead it only serves to crank up the rhetoric when calm councel is needed.

With bitterness coming from all sides Indonesian football is certainly no Tea Party at the moment

Clarity is needed and FIFA need to come out and say whether the letter is fake or not to end this particular debate. But to do so would be as much a culture shock as me buying a round.

UPDATE - understand the letter has been confirmed by FIFA in an email to the Jakarta Globe so hopefully that's one story we'll hear less of...but the confirmations looks ambiguous!

It's authentic, if you believe Kompas. Apparently they got hold of the original from Nugraha.
@Trooper Bari = in the letter said that
" The Case of Liga Premiere In Indonesia" and " We acknowledged the receipt of you letter"

WTF .. even a kindergarten knows that jerome valcke have a perfect english and FIFA is much much better than that.. well even KOMPAS only had a pdf file not a copy one .. and its only 6 hours after the press release ..when kompas journalist asked the copied letter to the PSSI Official during a discussion in the parliament building , he rejected it.

I believe in KOMPAS , DO YOU ?

@Anthony = You and Your Friend is right , If You don't Support LPI then you support the Bakery Family and Nurdin .. it will be the zero sum game for the goodness of the indonesian football future .My Deepest Appologize to you if i make your blog a little bit HOT on it . thank you
Why would the PSSI need to fake a FIFA fax? Leveling sanctions against the IPL is already within its remit regardless of getting the OK from FIFA.
because they are stupid indonesian politician who use to make a blunder ...its boomerang for them ..
The Clear Version one can be seen here as well as there's a bit analysis about that Letter also..

Here's the letter
Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI)
Mr Nugraha BESOES
General Secretary

Fax +62215754766

Zurich, 11 January 2011

The case of Liga Premiere in Indonesia (LPI)

Dear General Secretary

We acknowledge receipt of you letter dated 10 January 2011 with regard to the case of the Liga Premiere (LP) in Indonesia and we thank you for it.

The role of the football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) is to organize and supervise football in all its form at national level, as well as to control association football in the territory of your country, as staved in the FIFA statutes as well as in the PSSI statutes (cf. also art 10 and 12 of the FIFA statutes. Furthermore, leagues to a Member of FIFA shall be subordinate to an recognized by that Member (cf. art 8 par. 1 of the FIFA statutes)

We understand from your letter that the PSSI has early reminded on several occasions all relevant parties about the situation under these circumstance and according to FIFA statutes PSSI should sanction all affiliated clubs, affiliated officials and with PSSI registered players including representative team players taking part in the LPI.

We remind you that PSSI must fully comply with FIFA statutes and violation to do so may lead to sanctions (art 13 of the FIFA statutes)

We kindly ask you to send us informed about any development in the regard as we will continue to follow closely the situation. Should the problem persist, we will have no choice but to refer the case to the FIFA Associations Committee scheduled on 1 March 2011 in order to decide on the measures to be taken.

We thank you for your cooperation.


General Secretary
Jerome Valcke

CC: Alex Soosay, AFC General Secretary

So, Me What do you think??
"But FIFA, as the governing body of football around the world, needs to be aware of the depth of feeling surrounding Indonesian football."

But are there kickbacks to be had from caring about a country without lots of money invested in its football?
greg - ask yourself why fifa did nothing when the fa head was in jail
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