Sunday, January 02, 2011


Irfan's Future

With Persema seemingly committed to the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia there has been intense debate on what the future holds for new national team star Irfan Bachdim. Actually, it hasn't been that intense but I though I would pretend to be a part of the English media and through in some irrelevant adjectives to big up the story.

The thinking is that if he does go and play in the LPI it could ruin his future with the national team before it even got started and 2011 looks to be a big year with 2012 Olympic Qualifiers and the SEA Games.

His coach at Persema, Timo Scheuneuman, is convinced Bachdim will line up with Persema in their opening LPI game which should be next weekend and sees no reason for the young striker he encouraged to come to Indonesia to leave.

This story suggests that Arema, Persema's cross city rivals, would be interested in signing the 22 year old.

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