Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Irfan Stays With Persema

Irfan Bachdim has committed himself to Persema. There had been persistent rumours that he would seek a move as Persema had entered the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia and it is thought unlikely that he would be selected for the national team in the future. However he has shown loyalty to the team that gave him a chance in Indonesian football.

Of course with no security clearance yet released for the opening LPI game between Persema and Solo he could enjoy a decent rest after his AFF Cup exertions!

So if Irfan is under Persema's employ but never actually plays a Premier League match (presumably because the police won't sign off on a permit until the LPI and PSSI get along), does that mean he's free from being blacklisted from the national team?

It's a technicality, sure, but a great way for all parties to save face.
and what happens if persema decide to have friendly matches with another IPL clubs (because no police permit ) as warm up matches and he actually play? will PSSI count that as "official IPL match" ? lol
understand persema are heading off to the game later today...
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