Sunday, January 16, 2011


The English Are Wierd

The English are known for their eccentricities. Stamp collecting is so passe for them. So is collecting football programmes. The English have this breed of people called anoraks who are absolute nutters. I remember on time going on a football special to Leicester (normal behaviour, nothing extreme there) and there was this nutter who was tape recording the sound of the train doors closing!

There's folks out there that collect football badges, volunteer for their local steam railway, hell I even know one freak who spends inordinate amounts of time writing about South East Asian football. Wierd eh?

Here's a couple more I've taken to reading more frequently. European Football Weekends is about weekends. In Europe. Watching football. Forget the insanely over priced English game and venture into foreign lands for some beer and football!

In the 18th and 19th century well to do English toffs used to go on the Grand Tour. In the early 19th century Wellinton's scum of the earth battled the French and in the 1980s hoardes of students would inter rail round the continent while football hooligans would beat the crap out the locals..

Now, with budget airlines and easy rail links, a new breed are running round the continent, taking photographs, scampering round stadiums in search of elusive match day programmes and gooing ooooh, ahhh at the floodlights.

Then there is Les Rosbifs where one geezer has made it his personal mission to document the whereabouts of every British football plying their trade overseas.

Nutters, both them, he says as he reaches for the Malaysian Railway timetable. What time do I need to leave KL to get to Ipoh?

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