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Drop The Lot

Recriminations continue in Singapore after a year that will go down as perhaps the worst in the history of football on the island. Foreign teams swept the domestic trophies, the national team failed to make it to the Asian Cup and failed to perform at the AFF Cup in December.

Scapegoats are needed and now judging by some reactions.

But blame who?

The Singapore FA (FAS) head is responding by saying that the whole squad should be broken up with new long term development the goal. One wonders why long term development hasn't been the goal until now.

Running to the papers and giving eye catching headlines may prove to sceptics that there is a head of FA in situ, he has been largely anonymous, but is that really the best approach for all concerned? Just regurgitating what message boards and blogs are saying is not the way to run any kind out outfit, let alone football where confidence plays such a major role.

Yes, there needs to be some kind of rethink, yes some players perhaps need to be replaced but there are right ways of going about this and it ain't blurting out to the press that everyone is out. That kind of populism helps no one except the whiners on line or on the MRT.

As everyone has there say about who should be sacked or who should be called up I think I will to ask one little question. Why has M Ridhuan been unable to find his Arema form of the last 12 months for the national team?

Coach raddy Avramovic has said on a number of occassions that the talent pool in Singapore is looking pretty dry at the moment. Maybe he's right. Surely that is reason enough to look at players who are in form for their club sides. Players like Bah Mamadou and Ahmad Latiff for example. Mamadou has been so consistent over the last couple of years while Latiff has shown flashes of his best form with SAFFC. But it wasn't enough to sway Raddy.

2011 promises to be a fascinating season in Singapore on a number of levels and I'm really looking forward to it. There are so many sub plots swirling round the game it's a football writer's dream, but it doesn't need grandiose statements from officials playing to the web whiners.

It was not unexpected and by that I mean the players reactions as news filter through that Zainudin has order the national team to be disband.

Quite frankly, that is why I expressed my views that it should have been Raddy who should have decided when and how to tell the Lions who are being dropped as team spirit would have been totally torn to shreds now.

Indeed, two of the favourites - Hassan Sunny and Daniel Bennett - to be retained, have expressed their disappointment over the way the news was broke to them; which was through the media.

They must be thinking FAS stand for Forget after Service for the way they are now treated after they have served so much for years.

After all, in the TNP interview, Zainudin remarked it was no different from 2004 again and that young batch, which is being disband now, have done well to make history with two ASEAN championship and reaching the World Cup group stage.

The DIFFERENCE was then President Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee did not use the term disbanding to score political points like you are doing when referring to the older Lions and any changes to that team was conducted by Raddy without engaging the media.

So that batch of players like Rezal Hassan, Rafi Ali and Zulkarnaen Zainal etc were allowed to fade away with honour but not for this batch; after you have gone to publicly to tell the players they are being disband.

Is that the way to conduct yourself, Zainudin?

For NTUC, which you are a director, encouraged employers to tell employees, who are being let go, to observe certain rules - one of which is to allow the employees to leave with honour.

After what you done, can you expect the likes of Duirc, Noh Rahman and Fahrudin etc who have served well to leave happily for Duric has already expressed his shock and disappointment over the way he and his mates are treated after giving so much.

Now Hassan Sunny and Daniel Bennett, if they are retained, will asked if this is the way they will be treated after they have reach the end of the road as well.

And Zainudin will not be the person to clean up the mess for it will be left to Raddy, who have smartly refused to comment, as he has a job nobody will want at the moment with team spirit surely destroyed by the action of the FAS president.

P.S. Zainudin, practice what you, as NTUC director, preach and that is to conduct an entrenchment exercise with dignity for the employees. Going public is a NO, NO.
spot on happy

cheap headlines, perhaps he responded to claims of being anonymity since he took over but it has been a pr blunder for him
I have no sympathies for majority of the first team senior Lions that deserved this "pie-in-the face". Let them be hang dry in public too for all I care.
Wonder if U will say so back in 04-07 on this batch

Or U will be cheering instead
Oh yes, Zainudin now claimed his message was 'mistranslated' in TODAY

He was fast in backtracking & now claim more worthy players will be allowed back, nt just 4
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