Thursday, January 13, 2011


BOPI, Who Are You?

I have no idea who or what the BOPI is beyond some kind of jobs for boys. I think it's Body for Professional Sports Indonesia. Apparently because of this body the breakaway league, Liga Primer Indonesia, have been getting approval to hold football matches in this country.

As far as I'm aware the only body authorised by FIFA, the world's governing body, to arrange and organise football matches is the local FA which in the case of Indonesia is the PSSI.

In the battle between the LPI and PSSI no matter what your view point on this the PSSI hold all the aces. The rights and wrongs don't matter, we've seen that with FIFA before, their regulations state that only the local FA can arrange professional football.

Does FIFA recognise BOPI? I don't know. Does FIFA recognise players, coaches, and match officials contracts? I don't know. Does the PSSI have the balls to face down the LPI threat? I don't know. Where will this end? I don't know.

Dear Anthony

I know that you understand some bahasa indonesia. hereby i attached some link about the possibility of falsified letter document regarding the FIFA letter to PSSI in the kaskus community analysis .there is misspelling and wrong translation which make me realize that it might be used a google translate , iam suspicious of this since you wrote that Nurdin Halid and Nugraha Besoes have a poor english. I hope you can give it to jakarta globe or dez corkhill from ESPN . this can be your BBC Panorama thing. you can contact me if you would like to know more about


Best Regards

Primadi WS
there is so much more to thi story that hasn't come out yet. im not after a pulitzer so dont fancy delving too closely into the murkier side of things.
tempo would be better!
Nugraha's English is better than you might think. He handles himself well in an interview, so long as it's not too fast-paced.

Nurdin? His failures are somewhat public.
@ Trooper Bari = well if you said so then i believe that Nurdin make that letter hahahaha

@Anthony = Hahaha well your not chasing after Pulitzer but Pulitzer might be chasing you now .. Tempo is a good option in indonesia .. good if you can contact them..
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