Thursday, January 20, 2011


Bambang Pamungkas v Darren Bent

Never quite seen the attraction in Darren Bent. Old school forward, nothing more. Does a job at fair to middling clubs. Moving to Villa for 24 million is lunacy, I thought England was in the middle of a financial crisis?

Anyway why don't we start valuing players based on the number of followers they have on Twitter?

So Darren Bent. All 24 million quid of him, he has 76,000 people following him for such nuggets as Yo Waht's Up Bruv.

Indonesian striker, all round good guy and gentleman on the pitch Bambang Pamungkas tends not to make any headlines off the field yet he manages 388,000 ++ followers. More than five times as many as Dazza. Or Benty.

Ryan Babel recently got in to trouble for showing a ref as a Manchester United fan. Which shows what a Johnny Come Lately he is. He should try asking King Kenny, his new gaffer, how many dodgy pens him and the boys won back in the day.

The Babeler has a mere 191,000 followers, half of Bambang, which is real non league stuff when you compare it to Irfan Bachdim, the newest icon in Indonesian football. Unheard of 6 months ago he now has 546,000 followers looking at photographs of his lunch.

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