Sunday, December 19, 2010


Waiting For The Fat Lady

Indonesia stand just 90 minutes from an appearance in the 2010 ASEAN Football Cup Federation Cup Final. They go into the game with the Philippines, really a home game this time, with a 1-0 lead and favourites to play Malaysia in the final.

All the focus no doubt will be on the Indonesians, what with them being the hosts, perennial underachievers blah blah but they will also have all the pressure and you can be sure the Philippines will be going into the game in a relaxed frame of mind.

They've been upsetting everyone since the group stage started and they see no reason to stop that now. They upset the Vietnamese, beating them 2-0 away from home, and seriously pissed people off in Singapore by defeating the Lions 1-0. The Myanmar 0-0 was irrelevant 'cos the job was as good as done.

Indonesia were forced to work bloody hard to get that 1-0 in the first leg and you can be sure they will be asked a lot more questions today. Breaking down well organised defences ain't easy as Wenger keeps reminding us whenever the Arse can't pummel someone 6-0.

Can the Philippines stay as focussed and disciplined as they have been in their last four games? Can Indonesia keep up their intensity that has brought them 14 goals so far?

The first goal is always important. So is the second and the third. But especially tonight. An early go for Indonesia and the Philippines will have to show a lot more up front leaving gaps at the back. But if the Philippines get that early goal expect the capacity crowd to get on their own players' backs and expect the Indonesians to feel the pressure.

Malaysia are waiting in the final and most people I have spoken to want the Indonesians to play them. OK, the survey wasn't that scientific, carried out among half a dozen Indonesians, but surely 160,000 fans watching the Final over two legs is gonna be more exciting than watch a football pitch resemble a bus drivers convention?

correction... phi-sin was 1-1...
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