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Travelling Fans

The one shame about last night's AFF Cup Final 2nd Leg in Jakarta was the absence of any Malaysian fans. There were a handful sprinkled round the stadium but they were anonymous and for good reason when you consider some of the hype that comes out of certain political elements here.

But something like 20,000 Indonesians were at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Malaysia for the 1st leg and there were no brawls that I'm aware of.

I was sat next to some Malaysians in the stadium and they certainly cheered when Safee Sali gave them the lead. And around them there was no response. None at all.

Obviously there may not have been a similar reaction had they been in the Upper Tier but I do think it's a shame that Malaysian fans felt they couldn't come to Jakarta to see their team win the AFF Cup for the first time in their history.

20k at bukit jalil? you must go back to kindergarten and learn how to count. it was not more than 13k indonesian that turned up during 1st leg 3-0 loss, yes 3 nil. and mind you that, most of them were the indons who lives and feeds their family by working in MALAYsia, not from travelling fans. i can assure you that so called loyal indonesia travelling fans who by the way leaving the stadium after minute 70th were around 500 and not more than 1k. so stop talking about malaysian travelling fan and undermine them. indonesia travelling fans who by the way the gloryhunters and who couldn't stand their team weak and ugly performance at bukit jalil leaved the stadium and leaved their 'beloved team' along didn't deserve an appreciation. i would rather have a 'television fan' than go to stadium and run away like chicken after getting thrash by home team.
yes, i am aware that most of the indonesians at the bukit jalil were people working in malaysia

no, i am not undermining malaysian fans. the whole point of the article was expressing sympathy that petty political posturing and the atmosphere created by such prevented the malaysian fans from witnessing their team's triumph. no undermining there...

i agree most indonesian fans left the stadium before the end of the game.

aint just the fans that went to kl that were glory hunters.something ive written about a few times recently. go to the uae game did you?

btw i'm not indonesian so have absolutely no bias. i was predicting a malaysian revival before the sea games gold...
Not more than 13k? I beg to differ.

But I'm not going to be drawn into that debate.

And yes Antony, you're right to say "petty political posturing and the atmosphere created by such prevented the malaysian fans from witnessing their team's triumph."

p/s: A true blooded Indonesian will not use the word "Indons" to describe his fellow people.
Story goes that the 200+ fans who travelled from Malaysia under the Selangor Fan Club, Kelantan Red Warriors, Harimau Malaya etc actually wanted to go to the stadium - they requested the VIP seat tickets but at the eleventh hour they were told they can only get the seats behind the goal, surrounded by the local fans. For safety reasons they all ended up watching at the Malaysian Embassy.
The Indonesian media acted irresponsibly, shame on them!!!!!
LOL .... if it was the condition in Bung Karno, with the state of security provided in that stadium, it looks shitty and tell me if anyone from any away team in the world could be there to watch their team play ... As much as we wanted to cut any Indonesian fan in bukit jalil, we still have the mental state of a civilized nation to allocate and separate the away fans from the home. Whatever happens after the game outside the stadium was unconditionally additional. But, unfortunately, those thugs-looking away fans was not really prepared with a loosing team and was quickly making their moves away from the stadium. What I see, all of us especially the Ultras and the KLC or any other firms in M'sia would stay and cheer even if the boys had loss in any of their games ....

And yeah, we didn't go to uae and we felt a bit disappointed too but I guess it won't be long for any M'sian to cough up some money just to allow them to go about almost anywhere in this part of the world to watch and support the boys... Except the Bung Karno Stadium, I guess .... Unless, the management of the stadium learn to manage a far much friendlier condition for the away fans ...

Feel really good to win, winning is pride and yes we are going to brag about it ... At least we deserve it ...
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